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The A320 is Airbus best-selling single-aisle aircraft, which continues to set industry standards for comfort and operating economy on short- to medium-haul routes. The A320’s advanced technology includes the extensive use of weight-saving composites, lower maintenance costs, along with Airbus’ fly-by-wire flight controls. The A320’s right-sized fuselage is seven inches wider than its competitors, enhancing comfort for passengers.

Limitless Airways introduces the lightest short-haul seat in the world.

January 2010:

A new seat in Air France's short - haul fleet

Starting on 30 January 2010, Air France was the first airline to offer its customers the comfort of a brand new short - haul seat. More comfortable and much lighter, this new seat will significantly improve the environmental performance of aircraft.
Limitless Airways follows worldwide aviation trends, and this seat is introduced on our A320!

More comfort and space

  • Legroom increased by 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm)
  • An enhanced seatback with a natural 15 degree recline
  • A more stramlined and comfortable foam seat

A seat which respects the environment

  • A 40% lighter seat
  • 5,200 tonnes less C=2 emission per year

Innovation and comfort

This seat, jointly designed by Air France and Recaro, provides passengers with additional comfort and makes the short - haul cabin more airy, elegant and practical.

More comfort

To design this new seat, ergonomists based their research on studies carried out in the automobile industry in order to introduc e new standards of comfort to short - haul air travel:

The combination of foams which make up the seat were carefully studied to optimize the depth and density. This enabled the designers to define the most comfortable support for passengers whilst at the same time considerably reducing the weight of the seat structure.

The mechanical seat recline fun ction has been abandoned in favour of a natural 15 degree recline which provides passengers with opti mum comfort and preserves the space and traquility of the passengers behind.

More space

T he amount of legroom for passengers' shins and knees has been increased by 2 to 3 inches, i.e. 5 to 7.5 cm. This additional space gives passengers freedom of movement which is unrivalled compared with traditional short - haul seats.

More streamlined and more funcitonal

The seat's accessories have been simplified with removable armrests which blend into the seatback.

Seat access is now easier for reduced - mobility passengers, making boarding and disembarkation smoother.

This seat was designed to help create a sense of space with streamlined curves, giving passengers a better view of the entire cabin.

The separate ta bles and cup holders can now be used simultaneously.

Thanks to all these new features, this seat won the 2009 innovation prize at the Aircraft Interiors Fair in Hamburg.

In harmony with Limitles Airways' cabin interiors

The almost - white seat shell helps make the cabin more luminous. This luminosity helps give passengers a feeling of calm and well - being.

A seat which respects the environment

Lighter ...

At the very beginning of the design stage, all environment al aspects were taken into account, in line with commitment to sustain able d evelopment.

Weighing just 9.1 kg, i.e. 5.4 kg lighter than a conventional seat, the seat weight has been reduced by close to 40%.

In total, each short - haul aircraft will weigh approximately 750 kg less on average thanks to the inst allation of this new cabin.

... and more environment - friendly

This short - haul seat, which is 40% lighter, directly contributes to improving the energy and environmental performance of the aircraft in our fleet.

The introduction of these seats represents a reduction of 5,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Increased economic efficiency

This new seat will enable Limitless Airways to increase cabin capa city, while at the same time improving each passenger ’s personal space and comfort, thanks to the optimized width of the s eat structure.

On our Airbus 320, there will be an additional row of seats, increasing current cabin capacity to 180 seats in total.


Cruising speed – 0.82 mach
Commercial range – 5700 km
Fuel consumption – 3400 kg/h

Power Plants

Engine Model – 2 x CFM56-5B4/P
Engine Thrust Rating – 27k


Number of seats – 180pax
Max payload – 19.15 metric tons


  • Length – 37.57 m
  • Wing span – 34.10 m
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